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Considering locum tenens? Ready to make a move? Instead of the “any port in a storm” method, let me help guide you whether you are looking for a locum tenens assignment or looking to fill one. The decision is too big to be left to chance – talk to me, a seasoned road warrior physician, to make the journey smoother. Talking to me can help save you money and frustration. I have been a locums provider for over a decade, and I have been part of a group and hospital that has hired locums providers. I can help you:

  • Decide if locum tenens is the right choice for you now or in the future .

  • Identify a logical plan for starting your locums assignment as well as helpful advice on making the first trip less stressful for you and your assignment

  • Create an ideal profile of the locums provider you would like so that your agency or ad clearly defines your expectations – we’ll dispense with the check boxes and really tell future providers what you need and what you have to offer.

  • Help you look at your current manpower situation and realistically estimate how many or how long you will need locums coverage (it is often much longer than you might anticipate).

  • Profile your group or department to help you see how you are perceived by a potential hire – potentially saving you weeks or even months in the hiring process.

  • Optimize your plan for assigning your locums providers – forget the plugging the holes, learn how you can best employ your locum tenens and perhaps, how you can even use your locum tenens to hire them or find new hire.